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Having produced our traditional Limoncello to our athentic Italian recipe for over three years, we have given away a lot of samples! In that time, the one thing we have discovered is that many people use Limoncello in their cocktails.

When Limoncello is featured in a cocktail, it is almost always accompanied by fresh lemon juice, to provide the kick. So we set about developing a Limoncello that incorporates that lemon kick, needed to cut through other spirits.

Produced from our traditional recipe Limoncello, Limoncello Sour is a little lighter on the alcohol, at 25% and contains less sugar than our original liqueur.

Like it’s stablemate it can be sipped straight from the freezer, or even enjoyed as an ice cold shot. It also produces amazing Margarita’s, Lemon Drops, Cosmpolitans, Rum Sours, Mai Tai’s, a stunning Limoncello Spritz and can even be used to make a sour with just egg whites or aquafaba. Watch this space for detailed recipes, which we are working on as we speak!

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